Betty Hutton Speaks on Buddy DeSylva, 2005

Betty talks of her friendship with mentor, Buddy DeSylva, recorded at home in Palm Springs - Jan. 29, 2005

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Betty Hutton On the Larry Glick Show - WBZ, Boston

Betty Hutton on Boston Radio, WBZ -    The Larry Glick Show, June, 1979

Larry Glick Show - Betty Hutton Interview, June 1979 WBZ, Boston.mp3

Betty Hutton On "The World's Greatest Showman" - 1963

The Legend of Cecil B. DeMille: The Legend of Cecil B. DeMille   Betty recreates scenes from her movie "The Greatest Show On Earth" with co-star James Stewart. 


The World's Greatest Showman (1963).mp3

"I Am A Fine Musician"-1951

"I Am A Fine Musician"  Phil Harris, Dinah Shore, Betty Hutton, and Tony Martin Song - 1951,   Great Fun!  



I Am A Fine Musician, Dinah Shore, Tony Martin, Betty Hutton, and Phil Harris.mp3


                AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Network)                          Command Performance RadioShows - Featuring Betty Hutton

GENE TIERNEY, Betty Hutton, Gary Cooper, Arthur Q. Bryan as Raymond Radcliffe, Andrews Sisters, Ray Noble Orchestra, Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Ginny Simms, Bob Burns, Joe Fortev(voice), Sara Bernerv(voice).



Command Performance - No. 7 - April 12, 1942 .mp3

MICKEY ROONEY, Betty Hutton, Bob Burns, Amos & Andy, Betty Jane Rhodes, Billy Artzt Orchestra, Bert Gordon (the Mad Russian), Harry Von Zell, Harry James Orchestra


Command Performance - No. 16 - June 2, 1942.mp3

RED SKELTON, Betty Hutton, Alfred Newman & the 20th Century Fox Studio Orchestra, Reggie Gardner, Benny Goodman Orchestra, Dorothy Lamour, Joe Lilley & the Paramount Studios Chorus, Truman Bradley, Leo Cleary


Command Performance - No. 28 - August 25, 1942.mp3

RITA HAYWORTH, Betty Hutton, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Richard Haydn, Kenneth Spencer, Pfc. Gail Laughton


Command Performance - No. 51 - February 6, 1943.mp3

BETTY HUTTON, Amos & Andy, Jose Iturbi, Woody Herman Orchestra

Command Performance - No. 51 - February 13, 1943.mp3

DON AMECHE, Betty Hutton, Vagabonds, Al Dexter, King Cole Trio, Jack Douglas

Command Performance - No. 87 - October 2, 1943.mp3

BOB HOPE, Jimmy Durante, Betty Hutton, Judy Garland, Charioteers, Lana Turner

Command Performance - No. 92 - November 13, 1943.mp3

BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton, Gypsy Rose Lee, Music Maids, Ticker Freeman

Command Performance - No. 118 - May 6, 1944.mp3

CLAUDETTE COLBERT, Alan Hale, Jimmy Durante, Betty Hutton, Ronald Colman, Dale Evans

Command Performance - No. 128 - July 8, 1944.mp3

Army Nurse Corps AnniversaryShow 

BETTY HUTTON, Denning Sisters, Larry Storch, Dennis Day, Four Hits

Command Performance - No. 207 - January 17, 1946.mp3

Mail Call Radio Program - WW2

FRANK SINATRA, Betty Hutton, King Sisters

Mail Call -April 25, 1945.mp3

The Rudy Vallee Show - Betty Hutton Guest

RUDY VALLEE, Billie Burke, Betty Hutton

Rudy Vallee Show 10-11-1945, Billie Burke and Betty Hutton run the club.mp3

Radio Almanac With Orson Welles - Guest Star, Betty Hutton

ORSON WELLES, Betty Hutton - A really funny skit with a live rendition of Rocking Horse thrown in for good measure!

Radio Almanac with Orson Welles - Betty Hutton, 3-22-1944.mp3

It's Time To Smile Radio Show with Eddy Cantor

EDDY CANTOR, Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Mchugh, Betty Hutton

It's Time To Smile with Eddy Cantor - January 27, 1943.mp3

The Charley McCarthy Radio Show

CHARLEY McCARTHY, Special Guest Star - Betty Hutton

Charley McCarthy Show - September 28, 1947.mp3

The Hedda Hopper Radio Show

HEDDA HOPPER, Joseph Cotton, Betty Hutton

Hedda Hopper Show - November 4, 1950.mp3

ABC Hollywood Byline Radio Interview - Betty Hutton

Panel of reporters ask questions, then the star gets to question the reporters! interview withBetty Hutton

ABC Hollywood Byline -Betty Hutton - April 27, 1950.mp3