This isn't going to be an easy gallery to fill because we never took too keen of an interest in advertisements Betty was featured in. To be sure, Betty didn't always show up in ads for just girly kinds of things. Advertisers felt equally comfortable featuring Betty in ads for items like batteries, and vitamins! That says volumes about how she must have been perceived as a girl comedian at the time. I guess it took a bombastic and boisterous blonde to sell a car battery that could keep a good charge! Anyway, Betty did tell us that she never got a red cent for any of the advertisements she did. Paramount allowed companies to use Betty's image to sell things and in turn received a plug for whatever new film she was in at the time. These were all part of the duties of a contract actor. The studio got free advertising for the film, but best of all, Betty got her face in all the magazines to boost her visibility and popularity... If you have any good high-quality ad photos featuring Betty to share, please send them our way and we'll be happy to put them up in our ad gallery.